About The Handler

Created to help farmers work more efficiently and safely.

In 1998, we set out to improve how sprayers were filled.

The Handler was born to do just that. Tried and tested for over 20 years, The Handler is trusted by more than 30,000 farmers in 28 countries across the world. Our patented system gets the job done faster and safer.

The Handler's History

Market demands and innovation drive The Handler’s growth.

The Handler is a proprietary line of chemical handling systems that enables quick, easy and safe mixing and loading of agricultural chemicals into sprayers, airplanes and hauling tank systems.

Originally developed by a Canadian farmer who was tired of having to climb up onto his sprayer to dump 2 1/2 gallon jugs of chemical, only to have to fight with rinsing them, the Handler has evolved into a total crop protection management system. 

The Handler has been proven on tens of thousands of farms across the world to reduce the time that it takes to properly mix and load a sprayer. The key to a successful spraying operation is spending less time loading and more time spraying, without sacrificing safety. The Handler combines safety, speed and effectiveness into a unit which will become the lifeblood of any farm.


The Roth Era

Reg Roth invents the Handler in Landis, Saskatchewan. Reg was a farmer and an inventor who found a way to safely puncture, empty (and rinse!) pesticide containers quickly. The Handler quickly proved itself effective as it saved farmers time and protected them from chemical contact.

The farm grapevine was abuzz and for the next eight years, rRoth Enterprises would manufacture growing numbers of The Handler in Landis, SK.


The Focus Era

The Handler finds a new home with Focus Industries of St. Albert, Alberta just northwest of Edmonton. Focus Industries and its 15 employees take on manufacturing through an agreement with rRoth Enterprises. Focus adds a new high level of marketing to The Handler and it pays off with continued growth in Canada and new sales abroad. The vast majority of Handlers from the Focus era were sold in kit form and assembled on farm.


The Polywest Era

After many years as a successful Handler dealer, Polywest Ltd of Winnipeg, Manitoba acquired Focus Industries and The Handler. Through its prior years as a dealer, Polywest had solidified their position in the market by assembling all Handlers prior to delivery, and by being the first to warehouse them in multiple locations. This approach to manufacturing and selling continued with Polywest, and it has set the market’s expectation to this day. 



Tank Holding Corp (THC) acquires The Handler in its entirety and immediately designates it as a stand-alone brand within the company’s list of holdings. In February 2020, THC relocated all Handler manufacturing to one of its facilities in Edmonton, Alberta. With 20+ manufacturing plants across Canada and the United States, THC brings a new level of resources and capability to Handler development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.


Introducing Chris Thompson.

In 1998, Chris helped perfect The Handler, creating a faster, safer, and more efficient system for filling sprayers. The rest, as they say, is history.

An agricultural expert, Chris’ professional career has spanned sales, operations, manufacturing, and product development of farm equipment.

My first involvement with The Handler was in 1998 when I actually helped develop a competitive inductor model. I knew from my farm experience that there was a definite need to improve how sprayers were filled. In those days, it was primarily about doing it quicker, but it wasn’t hard to see that The Handler’s improved safety and efficiency were growing priorities for many farmers.

We are the original and we have the most experience. Every feature we’ve brought to The Handler has come as a result of market demands. We’ve never once included something because a competitor was doing it.

“I wish I’d bought it long ago.” My favorite comment of all time was a farmer who said, “If someone stole my Handler, I’d have another one before noon.”

Component suppliers

Handlers are built with quality components from these recognized manufacturers.


We’ve been committed to quality since 1992.


We tackle problems rather than avoid them.


We put relationships with our customers first.


We're in 28 countries and growing!

We’re not your average supply company.

We know as well as anyone that confidence in a supplier is key in the agricultural industry. That’s why The Handler is the best on the market.


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