The H12 is the most compact Handler and is designed for direct induction of chemical into sprayers.

This is the leanest model that will pierce, empty, and clean 10L and 20L jugs without slowing down your sprayer filling. Ideal for one-man operations, those with limited space, and anyone looking to improve the jug-handling tanks that come with most new sprayers. The Handler I is a free standing unit and is a popular factory installed option with some of the top sprayers on the market today.

The Handler I also features a special venturi designed for sprayers with capacities of 500 gallons or less.

Features and Benefits

Compact space saver
Comes with the original Handler Knife
Capable of piercing, emptying, and rinsing 10L/20L containers easily
Simple four-valve operation

Quick Specifications

15 US gallons/59 L
2” Camlock connections
16” Threaded lid
1.5” Venturi
Special Features
The Knife Cutaway

The Knife

The Handler’s original Knife system cuts plastic chemical containers, empties their contents for mixing, and fully rinses the container for safe disposal. This all done in less than 30 seconds while filling your sprayer. There is no waste or residual chemical left in the container once rinsed.


The Venturi

The venturi is a specially-designed fitting that draws chemicals from the Handler into the sprayer tank while bypassing the pump. The venturi prevents contamination when changing products, mixes chemical before they enter the sprayer tank, and provides continuous flush, saving time and eliminating contamination.

We have around 1800 acres of a corn and bean operation. We spray everything 3 times—pre, post, and fungicide. Prior to purchasing The Handler, we were using two big induction cones. We usually mix around 3–5 different products in a batch, and with two inductors it was definitely not efficient by any means. Trying to rinse out jugs and the inductor cones between batches was nearly impossible to do on the truck—not only did it take too much time, it was also challenging trying not to get any product on you.
We wanted to both eliminate the clutter on the back of the nurse truck caused by the hoses with having two inductors, while also making it faster, easier and safer. We also wanted to only have one guy mixing up batches instead of two.
Switching to The Handler II made mixing go so much smoother. The Handler makes rinsing a breeze and so much safer for our workers. All in all, The Handler cut down our mixing time significantly, by allowing us to mix products more efficiently. It also gives us more time to think about what you’re doing so you don’t mess up a load. But the best part is there no more reaching around for hoses or valves—everything is right in front of you and nearby! Thank you for making such a great product.
Svoboda Farms
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